New Supply Chain Considerations in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19: Workforce considerations: PwC
Protecting your employees’ physical and emotional well-being continues to be paramount. PwC’s COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey found that two-thirds of finance leaders are “very confident” of their ability to create a safe workplace. But new challenges are still emerging, from shifting directives on openings and social distancing guidelines to changes in border controls and travel advisories.

COVID-19: Operations and supply chain disruption – PwC
Companies should understand their supply chains more deeply and in more dimensions. The COVID-19 outbreak is likely to result in longer-lasting reconfigurations of supply chains to build resilience, and this is already under way as some US companies diversify Asia operating models in response to shifting trade policies.

Restructuring post-COVID19 supply chains
A high level profile of tax considerations. An article in KPMG’s COVID-19 and the COO series, building on insights introduced in Supply chain’s new world order.. As supply chain organizations maneuver in response to COVID-19 disruption, their assessments have laid bare vulnerabilities building for years.

COVID-19: Pandemic Planning, Supply Chain … – RiskLogic AU
Recent events both locally and globally have uncovered an array of exposures that supply chains across Australia and New Zealand have not previously experienced. The ongoing outbreak event of COVID-19 in particular, continues to impact communities from both a health and economic perspective. This webinar explores a variety of exposures and considerations that businesses need […]

10 Considerations for Your Response to COVID-19
Supply Chain Considerations 9. Assess Vulnerability. If external events or trends pressure your supply chain, consider alternative supply sources. Creating a responsive model for short-term consistency related to key products will help your business maintain its operations until your network stabilizes.

COVID-19: Implications for business – McKinsey & Company
COVID-19: Briefing note, May 27, 2020 New insights on consumer sentiment and the return to work. The Memorial Day weekend in the United States, always a somber occasion and never more so than this year, seemed to mark a turning point in the COVID-19 crisis. As spring turned to summer, many US regions started to reopen, as did others in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Key Health Data and IT Considerations in Response to COVID-19
Key Health Data and IT Considerations in Response to COVID-19. … New entities and old entities in new ways have become involved in the delivery of care with a growing emphasis on supply chain management, logistics and resource management. At the federal, state, community and organizational level, infrastructure to support data collection and …

COVID-19 enterprise resilience | EY – Global
Securing liquidity and managing working capital in response to COVID-19. … team can help businesses secure liquidity and managing working capital in response to COVID-19. Contact us. Read more. Supply chain and operations. Based on your overarching strategy, we’ll help redefine your end-to-end supply chain and operations to support your …

Supply Chain Considerations for Coronavirus – CFO Journal …
CFOs can help adapt supply chains and corporate spending plans disrupted by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak by working with supply chain leaders to identify, assess and implement effective options. Consider several actions that can improve supply chain resiliency and strategic agility now and longer-term.

COVID-19 Response | Premier
Helping to Ensure a More Reliable Supply Chain Recognizing our unique position as a connection point between healthcare providers, suppliers and federal and state governments, the White House Administration’s COVID-19 supply chain task force requested a briefing with Premier this week to learn more about the current state of health system preparedness and potential actions that could be taken …
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