Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro By Carlex Design Has Flying Skulls On The Seats

Carlex Design largely specializes in creating heavily customized interiors for high-end vehicles, and it’s hard to imagine a much wilder look than whpany installs in the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. Remember the incredibly popular Ed Hardy and Affliction t-shirts from the 2000s? This cabin looks a lot like them.
On the outside, there’s no hint at the weird interior. This AMG GT R Pro actually looks quite good. The majority of the body wears dark green paint that has a brushed finish that provides a sense of speed even when sitting still. All of the trim is black is a matte finish. The wheels are also different and have five sets of three spokes.
Here’s our latest really naughty Tattoo Edition, built on the basis of an agile beast – the Mercedes AMG GT R PRO! Its deep green brushed body, tapering rims, and totally crazy interior make it a car meant for those who are bold enough to grab the wheel of this superb machine. Will you dare to ride it?
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It’s finally time to discuss the interior. If you like skulls, then you’re going to love this look. Craniums with wings appear on the seat cushions and backrests. They’re on the door panels, too. Roses and a paisley pattern are also part of the design.
The rest of the cabin features dark green leather that matches the color of the exterior. Even the seatbelts are the same shade.
While it would lose the surprise from opening the door and seeing a bunch of winged skulls, we can’t help to wonder how the interior would look without the ridiculous pattern. The mix of dark green and charcoal would be handsome.
Until the very recent debut of the AMG GT Black Series, the GT R Pro was the meanest version of the model available. It shares the GT R’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 577 bhp (430 kW). The exterior is more aggressive with canards at the front corners, fender vents, revised rear splitter, and big wing. Manually adjustable dampers and carbon-ceramic brakes come standard. Total production is just 750 units, including 150 of those for the United States.
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