Drama producer Datuk A. Aida says she rejected RM20m proposal to be a second wife

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 – TV drama producer Datuk A. Aida claims to have rejected a RM20 million offer to become a second wife.
The Ratu Kala Jengking: Puteri Keranda producer revealed to BH Online that she was proposed to by a married man, three months ago.
The man was said to be even willing to top up the amount if it was too low for the 50-year-old Aida, whose real name is Zaidah Awang.
“After my divorce, many men tried to approach me. I am friends with everyone but to date, no one has successfully stolen my heart.
“I am more comfortable with being friends. Frankly, I am not after riches. If I have wanted rich men, I would have sought them out a long time ago. But for what when I have everything.”
After four failed marriages, Aida said she was not concerned over men’s money, or lack of it, as long as they were loving and would take good care of her.
“I avoid getting involved with people’s husbands.”
Aida also claimed she would be able to judge a man’s sincerity just by going out with them twice.
Reiterating she was in no hurry to tie the knot, Aida prefers to spend time with her children instead.
Her first marriage was in 1994 to Ameng – the vocalist of the band Spring.
They divorced in 2003, leaving Aida with their two daughters, Wan Az Aleesa and Wan Azevanatassha, now aged 23 and 18 respectively.
Aida’s third child, Mohamad Rahul, aged 11, was from her second marriage in 2007 to a policeman named, Sufian Sulaiman – the pair called it quits six years later in 2013.
Her third marriage was not made public, with no reports on the details of the marriage – although it is rumoured the man was also a policeman.
Her most recent marriage to Ariff Aziz ended in April last year after nine months of being together.
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