Ceiling ventilation at Shaw Cinema crashes onto seats, two moviegoers injured

Singapore – A portion of Shaw Theatres Nex cinema hall’s ventilation dropped from the ceiling injuring two moviegoers on Sunday (August 30).
Cinemagoers on Sunday were watching the latest blockbuster “Tenet” when a part of the cinema hall’s ventilation system came crashing down on the seats. The accident occurred at around 4:45 pm in Hall 6, reported mothership.sg.
Facebook page Complaint Singapore contributor Raven Qui shared photos of the incident. One photo showed the ducting unit after the incident, occupying about half of four to five rows of seats on the right side of the cinema.
Shaw Theatres released the following statement; a similar one was posted on their Facebook page:
We are shocked by the incident where the ventilation duct in Hall 6 at Shaw Theatres Nex was dislodged around 4.45 pm today. Unfortunately, two patrons were injured. They were quickly attended to by our staff and then by paramedics who arrived. They were subsequently taken to the hospital. Our priority is to provide support to our injured patrons.
We are also working with our landlord (Gold Ridge Pte Ltd) and the relevant authorities to investigate the circumstances thoroughly. The cinema will be closed until further notice.
Members from the online community noted this incident was something that should not have occurred. A few commented that perhaps moviegoers would need to wear safety helmets in the future.
Many pointed out that the parties responsible for the lapse should be held liable.
“There were people hired to make sure things like this doesn’t happen,” said Facebook Noramzar Ridhwan. “It was their job to ensure the materials, specifications, measurements, etc. used…met all the safety requirements and calculated properly to handle the load.”
The netizen said someone had to be held accountable given that people’s lives are at stake.
Others suggested the two women who got injured should sue the parties responsible for the damages.
The ventilation duct unit had not hit anyone directly, reported straitstimes.com. A large chunk of plaster debris hit a woman’s head while another woman received minor bruises. They were sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for medical attention.
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