Sister, Sister Is Coming to Netflix! Here’s Where to Stream All Your Favorite Throwback Sitcoms

Classic sitcoms offer a familiar comfort that little else can: the ability to know what comes next.

We’re not just talking about That’s So Raven (for the uninitiated: Raven can see into the future on the Disney Channel series). In a year marked by unprecedented change, there are few better places to seek a moment of comfort and control than in a beloved TV series that you memorized the dialogue to 20 years ago.

With old favorites like Sister, Sister, Boy Meets World and Girlfriends arriving on streaming platforms, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and transport you back to childhood while social distancing at home. Below, we’ve compiled a list of where to stream the most iconic sitcoms from the ’90s and early ’00s for your viewing pleasure.

Sister, Sister tinged every childhood trip to the mall with the potential thrill of discovering my long-lost twin, and while I’m disappointed to admit the whole secret-sibling thing never quite panned out, I do have some good news: As of Sept. 1, the Mowry sisters (and their iconic denim bucket hats) will take up residence on Netflix.
Girlfriends is a must-watch for all Tracee Ellis Ross fans (a.k.a. everyone). The CW series was prematurely canceled in 2008 without airing a finale, so fans who felt unsatisfied can at least catch the series on Netflix starting Sept. 11.
That ’70s Show is ideal for those nights you’re just hangin’ out, down the street, doing the same old thing you did last week… you know?
Moesha stars the one and only Brandy – which is reason enough to watch – but in case you need more persuading, the fashion is peak ’90s cool girl, and all the inspiration you’ll need to inject a healthy dose of nostalgia into your look.
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Seinfeld is set to switch over to Netflix in 2021, but the cult classic remains on Hulu for the time being.

Saved by the Bell might be the perfect reminder for those of us still unsure about homeschooling amid the pandemic. After reliving some of the high school drama of Zack Morris and his pals, Zoom classes aren’t looking so bad!
Step by Step is the ideal series for when you’re just taking it day by day.
It may have been reprised with 2016’s Fuller House, but nothing beats the nostalgia-inducing original. Looking to cozy up for a marathon of the ’90s classic? You got it, dude – it’s all available on Hulu.
“Did I do that?” Family Matters is an excellent distraction from any, ahem, family matters of your own that may have been exacerbated by quarantining together.
Thankfully, Hulu made Frasier available for those times when your therapist isn’t.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s theme song will be stuck in your head for days, sure, but what better show to watch when you’re just chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool?
Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey have officially found a new home. After five years on Netflix, the beloved series and the streaming platform announced late last year that they would indefinitely be taking “a break” – but thankfully, HBO Max is now The One with Every Episode.
Sex and the City is always there to comfort you after a bad date. No matter what, Carrie and the girls have probably been through it (or worse) and there’s plenty of Cosmos and lessons learned to go around.
Channel TGIF vibes any day of the week watching Boy Meets World on the couch, feeling strangely envious of the relationship between two sixth-grade soulmates.
That’s So Raven is available on Disney+, so for those of us who can’t see the future, we can at least admire the psychic teen’s antics in the past!