Sam Smith goes public with new man

British soul star Sam Smith has seemingly embarked on a new relationship after enjoying a date with furniture designer Francois Rocci.
The Stay With Me hitmaker was photographed getting close to French-born Rocci during a day out in North London on Tuesday, where they cuddled and enjoyed a passionate kiss, before sitting outside a pub for a pint.
Smith has yet to comment on the budding romance, which appears to have blossomed after months on coronavirus lockdown, during which the singer confessed to being bored.
Back in March, the 28-year-old star, who identifies as non-binary, shared an Instagram video with fans to give them an insight into life in self-isolation.
“Hello everyone! This is a weird, weird, weird time…,” Smith said.
“I wanted to reach out to every one of you right now, and send my love. I hope you’re OK. I hope you’re mentally alright…”
Signing off, the musician added, “I love you all very much. Please stay safe. Drink loads of water. Read… I hate reading. Do things to keep busy. I am going to watch TV because I’m bored s**tless!”
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