Plows ready to clear Indianapolis streets, highways ahead of first snow of season

Snow and ice removal | Hennepin County
The first shift may start as early as 2 a.m. This allows for crews to plow before traffic gets heavy. They may also apply anti-icing chemicals if conditions allow. Routes take approximately four hours to complete a route. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll only see plows out until 6 a.m. or never see them off their routes.

MnDOT Preparing For The First Winter Storm Of The Season
Whether it’s city streets, county roads, or state highways, it’s a united front when it comes to clearing what mother nature leaves behind. With significant snow in the forecast, plow drivers are ready and have been preparing for what lies ahead.

Snowplow – Wikipedia
The first snow plows were horse-drawn wedge-plows made of wood. With the advent of the automobile, a number of inventors set about to improve existing snow plows. In the US, the “snow-clearer” is said to have been patented as early as the 1840s, for railways. The first snow plow ever built specifically for use with motor equipment was in 1913.

Ready for winter driving? El Paso County Department of …
The inevitable snow season is coming to El Paso County. … A brine mixture comprised of salt and water is the first line of defense to getting ahead of an oncoming storm. … Stay clear of snow

Plow drivers ready when flakes begin to fall | News …
Plow drivers ready when flakes begin to fall … Danville has 22 miles of streets and roads to clear. Rush Township, 27 square miles in area, has 37.8 miles of township roads to cover, but that is …

Winter Driving Safety Tips |
Don’t crowd a snow plow or travel beside it. Snow plows travel slowly, make wide turns, stop often, overlap lanes, and exit the road frequently. The road behind an active snow plow is safer to …

PDF Managing Snow and Ice – Kansas Department of Transportation
forming, making it easier to remove snow and ice from the roadway. sTow Plow – A tow plow is a trailer-mounted plow that is pulled behind a dump truck. It may be shifted into the lane to the left or right of the dump truck. This allows one truck to remove snow and treat up to 24 feet of roadway in one pass. Managing Snow and Ice Page 9

AEL asks motorists to park off the street during snow
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What’s an Annual Snow Removal Contract Cost? | Angie’s List
Your drive’s size will affect the price of an annual snow removal contract.. Long or big drives. Expect to pay more for an especially long drive or the area for a four-car garage.Additionally, professionals typically charge more for dirt or gravel drives, as they take longer to clear and de-ice than concrete.

Drivers face treacherous driving conditions on southern …
“Please be careful, and if there is a cloud of snow in front of you don’t try to drive through it, it could be a plow truck there, we’ve had several plow trucks hit last year — the last few …
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