Outer space decor for your young astronaut

Outer space is a fascinating place for folks both young and old. We are constantly learning more about its wonders, investigating its boundaries, and learning more about ourselves along the way, which makes it a great subject for you and your child to explore. Whether you already live with a future astronaut or you are looking to introduce something new, there are so many cool, space-themed decorations to fill a room with. Learn more about the planets with a fun poster (sorry Pluto), plot out favorite constellations with sticky stars, and map out the International Space Station with detailed models. Continue to inspire your kid’s curiosity by indulging their interests and getting onboard their next imaginary trip rocket trip to Mars.
Having glow in the dark stars on the walls and ceilings is a true classic only now, you can get an accurate map of the sky rather than a random sequence of chunky stars. This kit will help you and your child map out a perfect presentation of the night sky. It comes with 270 stars of various sizes to reproduce the actual brightness levels of their real-life counterparts. Each kit comes with a hand-crafted stencil to help you accurately place your stars across 23 feet of the night sky. You’ll end up with 31 constellations, highlighting Ursa Major and Cassiopeia to help your little one identify the surrounding formations. The kit also includes detailed instructions and an introductory pamphlet discussing astronomy. Your kid’s room will soon have a great, educational, and awe-inspiring night light.
This beautiful canvas poster is the perfect addition to any space lover’s room. While it may not be as attention-grabbing as phosphorescent constellations, it is a unique, yet accurate representation of the planets and significant celestial bodies like Ceres and our beloved Pluto. Each planet is labeled with a name and distance in kilometers from the sun. The colors are bright and won’t fade over time, making it the perfect addition to any rocket scientist’s wall. This poster also comes with a wooden hanging frame so you can put it up on the walls immediately upon opening. We won’t be surprised if you end up keeping this for yourself.
This LEGO Mars Research Shuttle will keep your kid (and let’s be honest you) entertained for hours. Inspired by NASA, this kit includes a buildable shuttle with opening cargo doors and cockpit, a rover with a grappling arm and tilted solar panels, a storage drone, a helidrone with spinning blades, and two astronaut mini-figures. While this set might be more toy than decoration, it looks great once built and becomes the perfect interactive model. Your child will develop a sense of achievement and independence once they tackle space shuttle building, and they’ll learn a lot along the way. It’s best for kids between the ages of six and twelve and is a great activity for siblings and friends. A great tool to introduce a more detailed concept of space exploration and a great way for them to teach you what they already know.
If your kid isn’t ready to handle the small piece of a shuttle building set or understand the idea of being “kilometers away from the sun”, a play mat can be a great way to incite excitement and learning about space. This playmat/rug comes in two different sizes and features bright depictions of each planet, Earth’s moon, an astronaut, satellite, and more. It’s great for tinier tots that want to explore more of the final frontier. This mat is going to be a great place for your kid to dream beyond what they already know.
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