Artist Crafts 59-Piece Leather ‘Alien’ Facehugger Face Mask in Two Days

While some people are being adamant about not wearing face masks, creative people are out there, producing ones that are so imaginative that they never cease to astonish us.
A UK-based artisan leatherworker has been making rounds on the internet lately with his leather facehugger mask and it is bound to give you the chills while also wanting to buy one.
The UK is one of the countries that’s been hit hard by the COVID-19, and while it is on the brink of a second wave, it has made wearing a face covering mandatory on all public transport and in shops from July 24.

Face masks have become a part of our lives and are slowly turning into fashion statements, so James decided to design a face mask to rule them all.

This is his first go at the facehugger mask which took him three days to make. It looks incredibly realistic; however, that wasn’t easy to achieve since the whole thing consists of 59 separate parts and is made of 2–3 square feet of leather.
Of course, it got easier after creating the first one. He was able to do the following ones in two days.
He stated that he made the mask from a pattern he found on Etsy. The pattern was £14, but he wanted to make it anyway since he wanted to have a good time walking around the supermarket with it.

A facehugger as you might know is the second stage in the Alien’s life cycle, first seen in the 1979 sci-fi horror film Alien. The scene where one attached itself to one of the characters and injected its eggs into him will probably ring bells.

The creature has eight long, finger-like legs that are bound to give you nightmares since it enables it to crawl rapidly. The mask is a mirror image of it with its incredible details and mimics the anatomy of the facehuggers perfectly with the only difference being the skin color.
While the mask comes with a hefty price, it is understandable due to the extreme work that goes into it.
In an interview with Bored Panda, he said, “In total, you’re looking at around 2–3 square feet of leather for each one. I’ve priced them to sell on my Etsy shop for £130 each (around $170), as I buy a pattern for each one I make (so that the designer gets something out of it too) and I’ve managed to get them down to two days per mask to make.”
“A lot of people have said they’re too expensive, but if I was to actually charge the price they would cost paying myself a decent hourly rate, they would be double the price. So, I have to work for as cheap as possible in order to get any orders and to compete with those making them as a hobby rather than a living.”
Apparently, the mask saw a lot of attention from the people of internet, with some getting mad excited over it to some just getting flat out scared.
James said, “I must admit, it has gone absolutely mental and I never thought it would be as big a hit as it has been.”
You can check out the rest of his works on his Etsy page, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram while you’re at it too!
H/T Bored Panda
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